Raw materials

Zirconium  oxide, commonly called zirconia, is a high-performace material offering excellent flexural  and mechanical strength. After complete sintering, zirconia has a modulus of elasticity similar to that of steel but with  far superior hardness and wear resistance properties.
For these reasons, zirconia is an ideal material from which to make prosthetic components used in the dental field. Bettini S.r.l. manufactures products using  carefully controlled high quality raw materials guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008

Technical data Bettini Zirconia pre-sintering DB+™  (white) e DB+LUX™ (translucent)

Excellent biocompatibility – High purity – Optimum surface finishing – High fracture strength – High mechanical strength

Zirconium oxideZr02 + HfO2>94,45%
Yttrium oxideY2034,35 - 5,35%
Aluminium oxideAl2030,15 - 0,25%

Download datasheet DB+™  and DB+LUX™