Production process

Zirconium  oxide, commonly called  Zirconia, is a high-performace material offering excellent flexural  and mechanical strength.

For these reasons, zirconia is an ideal material from which to make prosthetic components used in the dental field. Bettini S.r.l. manufactures products using  carefully controlled high quality raw materials.

Flexural strengthMPa>1000>1000
Compressive strengthMPa>2100>2100
Fracture toughness (KIC)MPa m1/2≥5≥5
Young’s (E) ModulusGPa160160
Hardness (HV, 500g)GPa>12.5>12,5
Open porosity%00

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Axial pressing method: The first operation is the axial pressing of the zirconia. Products are manufactured in standard shapes like discs, cylinders and blocks according  to market requirements. It is however possible to comply with our customer’s specific requirements and produce customized product shapes and dimensions.

Isostatic pressing method:  The isostatic pressing process at 200 MPa ensures all parts have a excellent, homogenous density and shrinkage distribution.  This guarantees that during and after the sintering process,  the  products will always have extremely constant material characteristics.

Mechanical processing method: Following the isostatic pressing process, the semi-finished parts can be shaped or machined to achieve the preferred geometry in accordance with product specifications.

Pre-sintering process: During this process, the semi-finished parts are sintered at a specific temperature that optimizes the subsequent processing stages.  Specific, computer controlled kilns are used for the heating up, dwell and cooling down phases.

The shrinkage factor of each production batch is carefully determined in our laboratory. The use of this shrinkage factor ensures that during  final sintering, finished parts will have the dimensions required.


  1. From room temperature to 1000 °C heating rate between 200°C/h and 250°C/h (bigger the sample lower the heating rate)
  2. From 1000°C to 1450°C heating rate 150°C/h
  3. 1450°C keep for 2 hours
  4. Natural cooling (do not open the oven until the temperature drops to 150 °C)